Welcome to our company!

Our company is a watch and accessory manufacturer.

Founded in 2012, Muhan is a company that develops, produces, and distributes watches and accessories. We will strive to be partners who continue to develop technology and challenges. Thank you for your support and interest.

  • 2012.11 Established in bilt Muhan company limited.
  • 2012.11 “Kenethcole” watch brand Distributor in Korea
  • 2012.12 “Nixon” brand distributon in Korea (all item)
  • 2012.12 “Audi” watch brand license contracted
  • 2012.12 “Renoma” brand distributor in Korea
  • 2012.12 Launched in Korea department store (off line)
  • 2012.12 Lanunched in Korea Duty free shop
  • 2012.12 Lanunched in Audi and Renoma Clocks
  • 2013.01 Lanunched “Audi” watch
  • 2013.02 To make showroom for Nixon brand
  • 2013.03 Take Foce Milano brand from A-dong
  • 2013.03 Conduct On-line team in company
  • 2013.03 Lanuched in Renoam brand in department store
  • 2013.04 Exhibited in Korea Jewelry and watch fair (for Audi brand)
  • 2013.04 Lanuched in Nixon brand in department store

  • 2017.01 Take Scorpion brand in Korea and China
  • 2017.06 Established plant in BTC in China
  • 2018.03 Launched in Totternham with Foce brand collabotation
  • 2018.04 Launched in Scorpion brand in Korea
  • 2018.05 Launched in CLAREO brand in Korea
  • 2018.06 Launched in ANDY MORRISON brand in Korea
The Scorpion Collection is a worldwide brand for men of all ages who can relate to it beyond simple watches.

"Scorpion" originates from the scorpion released by Hera to kill Orion in Greek mythology, and is a brand based on the strength and manhood of scorpion.


TOTENHAM HOTSPOR, founded in 1882. AUDERE EST FACE, a 136-year history and tradition of English football in the Premier League, is the creed of Tottenham Hotspur. This means "real life is a challenge." COLLABORATION, which includes the luxury watch brand FOCE MILANO and the excellent sports great TOTENHAM HOTSPOR, will add luxury and class to brighten you up.

Finding Balance with Andy Morrison.

germanium is a conductive material at 32°C and is a characteristic of a semiconductor without electricity below 32°C. germanium reacts at body temperature (36.5°C). Meet the healthier, more stylish Germanium products at Andy Morrison.

Shine Your Life. Twinkle Your Life.

'clareo' means 'shiny' in latin. it is always existing but pass it by like the stars and the moon. it is very close to us like a timepiece. but passing by carelessly in daily life. we have inspired inspiration of the stars and the moon into a timepiece makes it clareo. Looking at the moon and the stars in a night sky by chance, like shiny stars light up your life in a dark night, like when the moonlight rises up in a silent night, Clare will light up your beauty in anywhere and anytime. .